Guitar Amp and Effect Projects

This page is a directory of projects available on this site. All projects have been constructed and tested.

Most of the schematics on this site are Adobe Acrobat pdf format. This format has many advantages over gif or jpg including better print capability, zoom in/out, rotate, etc. If you don't already have it, you will need to download the free Acrobat Reader by clicking the icon below.


Guitar Amp Circuits and Mods


Alternate BF Fender Preamp

This is a alternate design for a BF preamp that eliminates some of the noise created in the reverb section. This information is presented in the context of applying to homebrew amps, PLEASE do not use it to modify your old Fender blackface.


An Ultralinear Guitar Amp

This is a guitar amp design that utilizes an ultralinear output stage with no negative feedback. The UL output stage tightens up the bass and distorts with lower order harmonics, creating a nice smooth distortion which is great for blues.


Guitar Effects

The Tube-O-Vibe, Auxiliary Information

This page is additional information pertaining to the article I wrote that was published in Vacuum Tube Valley, Issue 17. The article details design and construction of a tube based phase shifter loosely based on the classic Univibe. You will find sound files and additional pictures of the unit. The article in VTV includes the schematic, detailed design info, drawings, and instructions.


The Super Tron

This is a design for an envelope filter that starts with the classic mutron circuit, removes some of the compromises in the original, adds some useful new features, and utilizes easy to find Vactrol VTL5C3 LDRs instead of the mystery "0805" component.


The Octave Screamer

This is a project for a very easy to build octave pedal that uses a tube screamer like distortion module coupled with a tranformer based octave generator. A very good beginner project that sounds great.


The RangeMOSter

This is a very simple MOSFET clean booster that is a little like the classic rangemaster. It is useful for lead/rhythym volume switching, overdriving amp inputs, etc.


Baxandall Tone Control For Effects

Looking for a tone control that cuts or boosts bass and treble, but has flat midrange response? Here's a circuit voiced for guitar effects that will do just that.


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