1983 Sierra U-12 Keyless





For sale is a 1983 Sierra U-12 Keyless with 8 pedals and 5 knees, in a rosewood mica finish.  The guitar is in very good condition and needs no maintenance, everything works exactly as it should and the buyer could take the guitar to a gig the day it is received.

Cosmetically, this guitar is good to very good condition.  The aluminum parts have light scratching that is typical for a 20 year old guitar, the mica is very good shape.

Mechanically, this guitar is in excellent condition. The pedal and lever action is very smooth and precise, the pedal stops are rock solid, and the guitar stays in tune extremely well.  It comes with the original Sierra triple range pickup, as well as a Bill Lawrence 712-8 pickup, and of course it has the modular pickup system that allow swapping pickups in a matter of seconds.

The copedent is the standard Sierra universal

Includes original hard shell case which is in reasonable condition, certainly not new looking but serviceable.


Price is $1100 plus shipping.  Due to the weight of this guitar, shipping will be expensive, probably $75-100, buyer will pay only actual shipping charges.


I will be at the ISGC in St. Louis and could deliver the guitar to the buyer, saving the shipping cost.


I have set up a webpage with pics here


More pics are available by clicking on the numbers below


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Or, I can email pics if you are interested.



I have references from other SGF transactions if desired.  You can reach me at 636-247-6423 during the day or 314-267-4621 evenings with questions if you like, or email is scott_swartz at hotmail dot com. Obviously to use the above email you use the @ symbol and the . symbol and run all the characters together.


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